Sunday, July 10, 2011


Finally I have  found my path!  I have been contemplating travelling and teaching in different countries for awhile.  However, I wondered at my reluctance to actually go out and do it.  I have a million excuses and some very good reasons for procrastinating.  I have a young child and that will be very difficult. In fact, I am starting to see, after researching for all of this day, how very hard it will be with my little son.  I stand firm in the belief that it will be good for him and for me to get out of this country and see other ways of being.  I think it will broaden my perspective and it will certainly change his world view forever.

I was not sure, however.  Scared. Careful.  And then I read a few blogs from real people who are out there having real experiences.  It has convinced me that this is my path.  I need to go and do this. It's no longer a 'maybe some day' but a 'start planning now because this time next year, you have to have a real plan'. 

Thank you to those people who put the time in to their blogs to help me see where I need to be.
Thank you.

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