Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh, the Fates are mean!

I haven't been entirely sure how to write this post.  The past two weeks have been difficult.

First let me say that I make my future plans with the best of intentions. I fully plan on following through and am not nearly as wishy-washy as I must appear.  However, things change so fast in my life that I cannot keep up sometimes. Does this happen to everyone?

Last I wrote about going up North again and re-experiencing the Arctic tundra in an Inuit village. Since that day I have found out that my father, who lives close to me now, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  The doctor says that he likely has four to six months to live and if the treatment goes well, then maybe a year and super optimistically, two years.

The receiving of news like that is too personal to delve into.  Suffice it to say that I need to be near my family for the next year or two and my plans will be on hold.

Another day I will speak about teaching here in BC. This place is as interesting as the next and I have not given enough credit to it. 

So! New plan!  Golda is staying here in BC, hoping to recieve another teaching contract in the same school for next year.


  1. What's the likelihood of that new contract?

    Really sorry to hear about your father. I don't believe we've ever spoken about your family (well except the story about the Jehovah's Witness situation). I know you said it's too personal to delve into and I can respect that.

    Hmm well it seems for the time being your presence is required where you are. How do you feel ultimately about that?

  2. The likelihood is pretty good. It's hard to find science teachers and I think I'm doing a good job this year.

    I have two different feelings about staying. First I felt a little trapped but I think it might be good to have to stay for an extended period. I have spent the last three years just on the verge of leaving. Maybe if I know I'm staying I will concentrate more on trying to like it here instead of constantly trying to find things I don't like about it. I also think it will be good to stay at this job for another year. I like it at that school and its quite possible that I have more to learn from that place still.
    I was sad to give up the chance to go back to the Arctic but that's ok. It's not going anywhere.