Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On my way to Kimmirut-wonderings

I am sitting in a hotel in Ottawa tonight.  Behind me are all the goodbyes I had to say which was extremely painful.  Goodbye to my daughter until Christmas because she lives with her father in Ontario.  Goodbye to my father, which is likely our last goodbye.  Goodbye to all the friends that actually bothered to say goodbye and goodbye to family that actually came to say goodbye.  Goodbye to restaurants, wine, starbucks, trees, rain, rude mainlanders, and a lot of other things.

I am wondering so many things here on the cusp of my move to Kimmirut.  Will I like it there? Will I get along with the people I am in the community with? Will I like my job? Will I get along with all my new colleagues? What are the challenges I will face that I havent been able to predict?  Will the rain be too much for me? Will the dark in the winter be too hard to bear?  Am I really prepared or have I been fooling myself? What will I REALLY miss?  I have guessed the things I would miss and have tried to send them all up there but what things did I forget?  Will my bags get searched at the airport or was I being paranoid?  Will my son have a hard time in daycare or will it be okay?  Will I be able to conquer the problems i had the first time?  To be honest, last time I lived in the Arctic I tended to isolate my life from other people.  I always do that.  However, to get the most of this opportunity I need to stop doing that so I hope that I can reach beyond my usual.

Well...I need to get up very early so I should get to bed.  Tomorrow I fly to Kimmirut!



  1. \i wish you the best of luck my best friend. \i missed you the minute you left \manitoba. \i am looking forward to next summer and possibly camping with you out to the east coast. \i am always here for you