Thursday, July 26, 2012

Winnipeg-Moose Jaw-Swift Current-Golden

My goodness, what a long day. I feel a little bad about not writing until now. The last time I wrote is when I was in Saskatoon! Since then we have been to the set of Corner Gas in Saskatchewan, Moosimim, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Grand beach in Manitoba, Regina, Moose Jaw, Swift Current and now we are in Golden, BC. We should be home tomorrow.
Today was a long day because my daughter decided she would like to be back in BC by Sunday (her birthday) and I thought today was friday instead of thursday. So I drove for 10 hours today instead of our usual 5.
I should mention our trip so far: We saw the set of Corner gas, one of my favourite Canadian TV shows. It was neat to see it in real life. After that we spent over night in a small Saskatchewan town called Moosimim and since it was pouring rain, we decided to hotel it again. Worst. Hotel. Ever. So stinky!
After Moosimim we travelled to a small farm outside Winnipeg, Manitoba. We were there for a week because my best friend lives there. While visiting we went shopping in Winnipeg, went to the Forks (famous place) and Grand Beach (the only white sand beach in Canada)
By the time the week was done we had to turn around and come back because my sister's wedding is August 3rd and we need to be back in BC by then. On the first day we made it to Regina and stayed there overnight. Then we went to Moose Jaw (just because of the name), walked around there for awhile, went for lunch and then moved on to Swift Current, Saskatchewan where we tented for the night in a campground. (Ponderosa is a GREAT campground by the way). Now we are in Golden, BC and because of a ridiculous rain storm we are again in a hotel.
I am sad our trip is ending so soon. It seems too short by far. Hopefully next year we will get to go to Newfoundland like i originally planned for this year.

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