Monday, August 1, 2016

A month from the Chinese holiday January 27, 2014

I got a trackback on this blog and realized I havent written since I was on the road in North American this summer!
I think one of the reasons I havent written is because I didnt want to see my own negativity splayed across such a public forum. I was finding it really hard to be positive so I withdrew from making my opinions known.
When I got back from my cross-Canada and USA trip I had little time before I left for China. In that time I realized that I had spent almost my entire vacation in a CAR. I am glad we got to see everything but sad it was out of a car window in many cases. I think it might be beneficial to go slower and see more in depth. Maybe it’s a good metaphor for life too (especially for me).
My son had a difficult time with the idea of leaving Canada and going back to China. He is fine now that we are here but he really didn’t want to come back here. On the way to the airport he was crying in the seat of the car saying things like, “I don’t want to go back to China. Canada is better!”.
-Dec 2013

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