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Camp 'Cross Canada trip (so far) - July 28, 2013

I have written several times for this blog but each time something happened and it got erased or didn’t get saved. So finally (and hopefully) I am here, writing about my camping trip so far.
The first day we drove from Chilliwack, British Columbia to a BC town called Golden. We stayed in this little campground with a fantastic view of the mountains. What a lovely view to wake up to!

When sitting at the campfire with my 4 year old son and reflecting on the trip, I thought about how lucky I was to have this life right now. I can go to a different country each year, explore the culture, the food, the geography and be totally engaged in learning about that. Then in the summers I can come back and partake in the best part of my own country and culture. Bbq’s, campfires, summer, swimming at lakes, etc. I felt lucky and so very glad I had decided to do the trip. I was a little afraid at first because my daughter decided not to join us but she was the one that helped me last year. I wasn’t sure I could do it on my own so I almost cancelled the trip entirely. Now I know that I can easily set up a camp and take it down by myself. We did great so far.

The second night we had driven through the rest of the mountains and broken into the flatter geography of the Alberta badlands.

The second night we stayed at a place in the badlands where they have found the most dinosaur bones in the world. On hindsight we should have stayed a day and went on a tour but I was driven to get to Manitoba where my friend was waiting for me. The dinosaur park was awesome. It was like a desert, complete with sage brushes everywhere, scorpions, black widow spiders, and rattlesnakes. We did not, thankfully, run into any of those.
The badlands are beautiful in a completely different way than the mountains and I love each kind of beauty.

We did manage to see the dinosaur bones too, they were encased in glass for the tourists.

More photos of our stay:

The next day after a 12 hour drive, we finally made it to Brandon, Manitoba where we stayed at my friend’s house for a week. While there we went to a reptile house and went to a beach where we got to finally swim in a lake. It wasn’t the nicest beach because of the dirt and leeches.
Manitoba has another kind of beauty yet again.

After the week in Manitoba we were on the move again, heading to a small town in Northern Ontario where my daughter lives. It was a beautiful drive through Thunder Bay and we even stopped at Kakabeka Falls for about 2 hours.

We spent two nights at 2 different campgrounds. The first one was nice but it was in a town that rolled up their sidewalks at 5 pm and therefore we couldnt buy food, beverages or ice.

Northern Ontario Lake: woken by loons.

The second campground looked the nicest but it was full of people intent on partying. So we spent a sleepless night, surrounded by loud parties and then in the early morning, fed up campers who left early to get away from the campers. My last day driving before arriving here was not a pleasant one.

Lake Nipigon:

Currently I am staying at a friend’s house in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. My daughter’s 17th birthday is on Monday and I wanted to spend that day with her. Afterwards I will be heading to southern Ontario and then making my way through Quebec to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI. I think we will have only a few days there before starting the trek backwards through the United States (because it’s faster).
Until next wifi!

My favourite beach in the world: Crystal Beach in Ontario.

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